Dr Kam Star

Chief Product Officer

Product Portfolio Expert

AI & ML Expert

Empathic Leader

Trailblazing Product Strategist

Insightful Entrepreneur

Pioneering Product Visionary

Dr Kam Star

Chief Product Officer

Product Portfolio Expert

AI & ML Expert

Empathic Leader

Trailblazing Product Strategist

Insightful Entrepreneur

Pioneering Product Visionary

Extraordinary Products, outstanding Growth

Welcome to my journey of creating products users love!

Remember that rush of excitement when you first solve a complex problem? For me, it all started at twelve. Picture this: my dad’s bustling architectural office, filled with the scratch of pencils and the rustle of blueprints. Amid the organized chaos, I spotted a group of engineers, hunched over their desks, laboriously calculating steel beam dimensions for a skyscraper.

Armed with nothing but curiosity and my trusty ZX Spectrum (yes, I was that kid!), I took on a challenge that would change my life. I created a program that slashed their 10-minute calculations (of which there were thousands) to mere seconds. That software wasn’t just my first product; it was the spark that ignited my lifelong passion for technology and innovation.

Fast forward to today, and that same spark still drives me. I’m not just a strategic product leader; I’m a relentless innovator with a track record of achieving 10x growth in emerging global technologies. From scaling startups to steering global ventures, I’ve navigated the exhilarating journey from $50m to $250m ARR in just three years, culminating in a $1.6b company sale.

But here’s the thing – it’s never been about just the numbers for me. It’s about the thrill of building something extraordinary, of seeing an idea transform into a product that reshapes industries and improves lives. I’m at my best when I’m leading elite product and engineering teams, fostering an environment where creativity thrives and innovation is the norm.

My approach? It’s all about balance. I blend data-driven decision-making with intuitive understanding of market needs. I believe in the power of clear communication and collaborative leadership. Whether I’m aligning strategies, exploring cutting-edge technologies, or crafting go-to-market approaches, I always keep the end goal in sight: creating products that make a real difference.

I’m not just building products; I’m shaping the future. My focus is on leading teams that harness revolutionary technologies to craft digital solutions that don’t just meet today’s needs but anticipate tomorrow’s challenges. I’m driven by the belief that technology has the power to transform not just industries, but communities and lives across the globe.

In my world, every challenge is an opportunity, every setback a lesson, and every success a stepping stone to something even greater. I thrive on the complexity of managing multiple product lines, always seeking that sweet spot between addressing technical debt and pushing for ground-breaking innovations.

So, are you ready to innovate, to push boundaries, to create something that could change the world? Then you’re in the right place. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

Expertise in action
Product Leadership

As a product leader with 25+ years in developing products loved by millions of users, I excel at leading with strategy, customer centricity, competitor & market research. Insightfully creating ground breaking product vision, creatively & scientifically determining strategy, astutely pricing, and driving winning go-to-market strategies for success.

Software Development

Publishing my first pieces of software as a teen on the ZX Spectrum in the 80s, I've since run many software development projects, producing many platforms, apps, simulations and games. I've led the production of many software products from desktop to mobile to AR, from pressing to gold CDs to Cloud and SaaS, delighting millions of players and end-users.

Design Thinker

As a trained architect I learnt to become a design thinker. Customer satisfaction is my primary goal and I use design thinking tools to put the customer’s needs, desires and satisfaction first. In my career I’ve learnt to fully embrace customer empathy, prototype early and often, work with insights to differentiate the product, and appreciate and learn from failures.

Monetisation Expert

Freemium or trial mode? Subscription or micro payment? How do you frame it all to get the maximum return? I’ve experimented, developed and extended revenue models. Everything from pay as you go, to value-based, to subscription to offer walls. I’ve developed a comprehensive toolkit to help monetise digital content and products.

Data Scientist

From building data models to applying a range of statistical and machine learning techniques and getting to valuable insights that transform business outcomes. With a PhD built on data analytics and AI, I've also built a data exploration platform from the ground up and am an expert in a wide range of statistical modeling, machine learning, data analysis and insight extraction.

Game Designer and Producer

From single player to multi player, action-adventure, simulations, strategy, role play and puzzle games - I've built over thirty games. I even developed a game making game, a game that's played to design new games! Whether online, web based, mobile, desktop, console or card games, I love designing and producing them just as much as playing them.

Fun Facts
£2B+ Products Delivered
Multi-award winning
Millions of happy customers
Creating products users love
Chief Product Officer
2023 - Now
Chief Product Officer

Leading the charge in developing ground-breaking visualization technologies that enable 400K+ creators, architects, designers, and businesses to turn their ideas into stunning realities. I’m fortunate to work with a brilliant team of professional innovators who share my enthusiasm for excellence as we manage our diverse product line-up, which includes V-Ray, Phoenix, Cosmos, Corona Renderer, Enscape 3D, Chaos Cloud and Cylindo.

At Chaos, we’re on a mission to transform the way people see and interact with digital environments, and as a result, our products consistently set new benchmarks in rendering, visualization, and virtual reality. My responsibilities include :

  • Defining strategic vision and direction for our company’s portfolio of awesome products
  • Overseeing every aspect of the product life cycle, from concept to launch, while continuously enhancing our offerings
  • Building and nurturing cross-functional teams committed to delivering phenomenal products and fostering a spirit of innovation and collaboration
  • Collaborating closely with sales, marketing, and customer success teams to perfect product positioning and drive user adoption
  • Keeping a close eye on market trends, competitors, and client feedback to guide product development and decision-making
VP Product Porfolio
2020 - 2023
VP Product Porfolio
SS&C Blue Prism

I oversaw the entire product portfolio and led the product org. I strategized the lifecycle of products, ensuring they aligned with the company’s broader vision and offered market value. Key responsibilities included:

  • Crafting and upholding the portfolio’s vision and strategy.
  • Steering the product portfolio to a leading position in core markets, highlighting its comprehensive customer value.
  • Meeting internal functions’ requirements for organizational success.
  • Enhancing the skills and capabilities of the product managers, offering mentorship and ensuring their growth.
  • Fostering a cohesive team with clear objectives, training, and personal development.
  • Keeping stakeholders well-informed, valuing their feedback, and incorporating their insights into the portfolio’s direction.
  • Collaborating with key internal teams to address cross-organizational facets of the portfolio, such as commercial aspects, support, training, and distribution.
Founder and Chief Product Officer
Founder and Chief Product Officer

As founder and chief product officer of PlayGen, I built and managed the organization to deliver outstanding value to the business and customers across many products, leveraging data, AI, simulations and gaming technologies and reaching over 2 million customers and users. Developed the product vision and strategy, drove innovative new solutions, and differentiated the organization based on insights to set unique customer values. Provided cross-functional leadership and stakeholder management.

Successfully led the company through £100m+ worth of join ventures and development, from pitching and business development through to product direction and mentoring multidisciplinary teams of developers, designers and subject matter experts.

I led product vision, strategy, design, development & delivery of 50+ digital solutions in applied games, gamification, apps and SaaS and cloud based platforms, across edtech, fintech, health, datatech, corporate, enterprise, government, media and entertainment sectors.

2010 - 2015
Digital Shoreditch

I founded and led a large annual festival celebrating the outstanding creative, technical and entrepreneurial talent of the UK. I conceptualised, directed and hosted over 100 events with 2000+ speakers to audience of 40,000+ participants. In the process I strategised, designed and built the brand, achieved £2m annual turnover from zero without external investment within 3 years.

2003 - 2004
Graphics Supervisor
BBC Time Commanders

I led the graphics supervision for Time Commanders. Devising and delivering an hour of broadcast quality animation per week using cutting edge game engine, working closely with client, producers, game developers, editors, historical researchers and on set teams.

Visualisation and Digital Transformation Manager
1999 - 2003
Visualisation and Digital Transformation Manager

RMJM is one of the largest architecture & design networks in the world. I built and managed teams of visualisation and graphics designers delivering over 100 projects. I also spearheaded the modernisation of the company’s digital strategy and IT infrastructure.

Game Designer
1998 - 1999
Game Designer
Deep Red / Hasbro

I was the Game Designer on Hasbro’s Monopoly Tycoon and Risk 2 AAA game titles. Delivering game mechanics, layouts, environments, characters and interfaces.

PhD in Gamification, Interdependence, Personality & Performance
PhD in Gamification, Interdependence, Personality & Performance
Serious Games Institute

How can we increase team performance in online social creativity platforms? A randomised controlled experiment with 38,180 sessions to maximise the performance of teams through personalising UX to each individual using gamification and AI, and based on personality and interaction preferences. Demonstrated potential increase in performance by up to 300%

Artificial Intelligence Ethics
Artificial Intelligence Ethics
London School of Economics (LSE)

Gained a much deep understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of ethics of AI, so that I can now adeptly diagnose the challenges and opportunities posed by AI in various domains. Armed with the tools to identify and evaluate inequalities of resources, opportunities, and power in the workplace arising from AI applications. Honing my critical thinking skills on key ethical issues inherent in AI, enabling me to contribute meaningfully to discussions and actions concerning AI’s societal impact.

2005 - 2006
APM Software Development
Open University

Completed with merit. This was a nine month distant learning course for becoming an APM in software development. The course covered :

  • PRINCE2 Methologies and Practice
  • Agile project management life-cycle
  • Product management leadership and team development
Masters in Architecture
1992 - 1998
Masters in Architecture

I have a Masters in Architectures, as well as BA and Post Graduate diploma in Architecture from Sheffield University.

My Master thesis was on Artificial Intelligence in the Built Environment.


1995 - 1996
Post Grad Diploma in Critical Theory
Nottingham University
Product Innovation Domains

In the last 20 years, I’ve successfully delivered product innovation, development, launch and growth in B2B and B2C environments including solutions on SaaS, Mobile, Desktop, AR, Apps and platforms in many domains, including ; Enterprise Automation, Processes and task mining, Intelligent Document Processing, Business Process Management, Robotic Desktop Automation, Robotic Process Automation, Innovation portfolio management, Data Insights, API Platforms, Social Network Platforms, Brand Transformation, Leadership Development, Festivals and Event Management, Anti Money Laundering, Historical battles, Data Security, Environmental concerns, Public Policy Engagement, Situational awareness, Onboarding, Climate Change, Social Creativity, Designing Games, ProSocial Skills, Interview skills, Curing Cancer, Coronary Bypass Surgery, Career choices, Floods in the UK, Teenage pregnancy, Floodplain management, Violence and Extremism, Nanotechnology, Architectural Visualisation and Global Health Policy.

My Skills & Expertise (ask me about any)
Product Leadership
  • Product and Portfolio Strategy
  • Product Life Cycle
  • Customer Centricity
  • Vision, Strategy, Roadmap
  • Go-to-Market & Evangelising
  • Discover, Design, Build
  • Product Operations
  • Team Structure and Leadership
Design Skills
  • User Experience Design
  • Creative Strategy
  • Interface Design
  • UX Innovation
  • UX/UI Optimization
  • Game & Gamification Design
  • Storytelling
  • Sales & Marketing Content
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Startups & Scaleups
  • M&A Negotiation
  • P&L Responsibilities
  • Pricing & Monetisation
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Value Engineering
  • Performance Management
  • System & Cloud Architecture
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Programming
  • Machine Learning
  • eCommerce
  • Web Technologies
  • Cloud & Distributed Systems
  • Authoring Tools
Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Robotics & Control Systems
  • Programming (Python, C++)
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Data analysis and visualisation
  • Neural network architectures
Innovation Tools
  • Brainstorming & Mindmapping
  • Design Thinking
  • Six thinking hats
  • Lateral Thinking
  • New Useful Feasible
  • Systematic Inventive Thinking
Selected Works...

Some of my works are bound by confidentiality contracts and can not be shared on the open web. Below are a small selection of products I’ve led. Feel free to explore and ask me for more information if you’d like to find out more.

Blue Prism
AI, Apps, Data, Platform
DataPlay insights
AI, Data, Design
Symphony Economic DJ
AI, Data, Design
Games, Platform
AI, Apps, Design
Digital Shoreditch Festival
Apps, Design, Platform
Design, Games
RAGE Applied Gaming
AI, Design, Platform
Nuclear Simulator
Design, Games
Artists Network
Design, Platform
Design, Games
Insights and ramblings
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